Protecting Asia-Pacific
Retail & Supplier Industries

Customs & Policing

Enhancing product security & increasing penalties for criminals involved in black market operations.

Crime Prevention

Stamping out illegal activities including counterfeiting, piracy and illicit trade of consumer goods.

Intellectual Property

Protecting Brands & IP rights of suppliers, manufacturers, trademark owners and consumers.

Retail Regulation

Providing positive regulatory and taxation solutions for all constituents of retail trade and supply chains.

Safeguarding supply chains and brands

RTBA is a coalition of businesses, retailers and trademark holders working to minimise the impact of criminal conduct on the Asia-Pacific trading environment. We unite, mobilise and advocate for effective change with regard to regulatory, financial and taxation issues affecting the supply chain.

Recent Updates

[REPORT] Illicit Tobacco in the Asia-Pacific Region: Causes and Solutions

RTBA has just released its 2020 report into the illicit tobacco trade across Asia-Pacific; outlining the scope, key drivers and recommended countermeasures to tackle the growing problem in the region. This document provides government agencies and industry stakeholders with a detailed understanding of the tobacco black market and illicit flows throughout Asia-Pacific, as well as a practical framework for taking a unified front in addressing it.

EU-ASEAN Business Council

Crime Stoppers International

Thanks to Crime Stoppers International for facilitating the Illicit Trade Conference in Manila. RTBA's Rohan Pike presented on the impact of counterfeit and parallel illicit products on legitimate retail and supplier trade, both regional and overseas.

EU-ASEAN Business Council

EU-ASEAN Business Council

RTBA would like to thank the EU-ASEAN Business Council and Euro Cham Singapore for their efforts – we presented on protecting major brands in Australia and the Asia-pacific region. We'd also like to express our gratitude to Chris Humphrey for a great Annual EU-ASEAN Business Council Gala Dinner and the opportunity to highlight Australian business efforts on digital traceability with the Singapore Minister for Trade, Mr. Iswaran, following his informative speech on the issue.

EU-ASEAN Business Council

APEC Food Traceability

RTBA attended the APEC Food Traceability event - hosted by GS1 Hong Kong - to discuss and share insights regarding the latest national traceability framework project in Australia. These conversations included exportation to the region - and beyond - with open and interoperable Global Data Standards (GDS), as well as the next steps for the APEC Alliance for Supply Chain Connectivity (A2C2) pilots.

APEC Food Traceability

GTDW China

Heath Michael took part in the panel discussion at GTDW China in Shanghai on "The Business Case for Open and Interoperable Traceability Applications". Key topics of discussion included ethical sourcing, product safety, counterfeit to illicit trade and tax.

GTDW China

Research Projects & industry initiatives

RTBA works closely with industry constituents, government and regulatory bodies to reduce the economic impacts - both in the Asia-Pacific region and broader global markets - of illegal activities on both traders and consumers.

National Consumer Goods Traceability Framework

In conjunction with our research partners, Deakin University & GS1 Australia, RTBA is undertaking the development of a National Consumer Goods Traceability Framework. This initiative addresses the vulnerabilities of Australian Retailers in global trade regarding the elevated risk to product integrity across the numerous entities of supply chains. We're working to establish standards and solutions for unified, transparent tracing of consumer goods from source to consumption.

RTBA Deakin GS1 Research Partner Logos

Leadership team & industry board

HEATH MICHAEL - Managing Director

Heath Michael specialises in delivering legislative and regulatory outcomes for retail brands and suppliers. Heath's extensive political and advocacy experience spans over two decades in both government and industry.

ROHAN PIKE - Illicit Trade Advisor

Rohan Pike brings his extensive investigative experience with both the Federal Police and Border Force, along with his advisory work, to support the efforts of brands in dealing with the extensive issues in the sector.


Mark Burgess brings his extensive experience as a former NSW Police Officer working with governments and police forces on behalf of police officers across every Australian jurisdiction and internationally through his previous roles as CEO of the Police Federation of Australia and the Australasian representative on the International Council of Police Representative Associations.


RTBA has collective support from sector parties including Corrs Westgarth Chambers, Australasian Association of Convenience Stores, GS1, Deakin University & AirBnB, constituting the independent industry board.

Leadership Team Hands In

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